Twofer #PressReleaseThursday: Historical Romance and Contemporary Time Travel!

Since it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us about new books and new authors, on this #PressReleaseThursday, we have two lovely authors and their lovely stories to present to you!


Katie isn’t new to REUTS–her duology of Deceptive Cadence and Diverging Cadence were both released last year, and have been described as both captivating and heart-breaking at the very same time. If you haven’t read those two titles yet, you have some reading time before New South Wales is released next Summer.

Still set in Australia, Katie’s home country, New South Wales takes a step back in time, introducing an Aussie twist to historical romance literature:

“Where women are in short supply, colonial farm girl, Adele, has her pickings for suitors when she comes of age. Her brothers want her to choose a respectable farmer, except the exciting Drover steals her heart. But in the untamed infancy of a nation, Adele faces adversity at every turn, and learns that sometimes not getting what you want brings the greatest happiness.”

Read the article here:

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